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Organization Setup

1 Office (International Cultural Exchange Section)
It organizes, coordinates and supervises the bureau affairs. It administers the work in the areas of the secretarial tasks, secrecy keeping, security, hygiene, file keeping, petition letters disposal and information service. It draws up rules and regulations and development plans for the local cultural administration. It undertakes administration reconsideration cases. It is in charge of the related proposals and administers the foreign cultural exchange work.

Directors: Tu Xuesong, Jiang Qingrong
Tel.: 0574-87189109、87189110、87189111
Fax: 0574-87366006

2 Organization & Personnel Section
It instructs the personnel reform in the local cultural circle. It draws up and carries out the plans for the personnel construction in the local cultural circle on the city level. It is in charge of the organization staff size and the personnel administration of the units within cultural system. It is in charge of the discipline, organization, propaganda, and retired staff service of the bureau and the units directly under. This section, together with the related sections, is responsible for the examination of the cultural societies.

Director: Lu Yong
Tel.: 0574-87189121、87189122
Fax: 0574-87342221

3 Cultural Industry Section (Policy, Laws & Regulations Section)
It is responsible for drawing up the plans of cultural industry development in the whole municipality; studying out the development policies for related industries; providing instructions, solving the major problems so as to support and promote the development of cultural industry; taking part in the discussion of establishing major cultural projects; making statistics, analysis and assessments of the development situation of cultural industry of the city; instructing and coordinating the promotion of research projects of cultural industry. It is responsible for drawing up local regulations and rules of cultural administration, examining the related documents; organizing cultural policy researches and giving suggestions on the reform of cultural system. The section also deals with applications for administrative license from relevant institutions; undertakes affairs related to administrative review and litigation; provides consultation of related policy, laws and regulations; instructs and supervises the implementation of cultural administrative regulations. Besides, it takes charge of the construction of rule by the law, legal education, and the publicity of cultural laws & regulations in the whole system.

Directors: Liao Xianfeng, He Jianguo
Tel: 0574-87189126 、87349400
Fax: 0574-87349125

4 Administrative Examination & Approval Section
It is responsible for permission, confirmation, check and acceptance of applications for administrative licensing in the areas of culture, radio & TV, press & publication and cultural relics, as well as records of applications of non-administrative licensing. It cooperates with other sections in dealing with the follow-up work and instructs the work of administrative procedures for examination and approval of bureaus of culture, radio & TV, press and publication at county level.

Director: Wen Liantai
Tel: 0574-87187065、87187073
Fax: 0574-87247719

5 Planned Finance Section
It draws up the local cultural administration policies. It instructs and supervises the national capital management of the units directly under. It manages the operating expenses of the cultural circles on the city level. It manages the finance of the bureau.

Director: Li Haman
Tel.: 0574-87189131、87189132
Fax: 0574-87342117

6 Sci. & Tech. Section
It studies, draws out the cultural sci. & tech development plan and gives technical instructions. It provides instructions and coordinates the reporting and promotion of new technologies and scientific research results. The section is responsible for organizing and carrying out the construction of major radio, TV and film projects, planning and management of special network of the municipal radio and TV channels. It provides quality system examination to the units that applied for net access of radio & TV equipments, and is responsible for organizing and instructing the scientific research and informationalization in the fields of cultural relics protection and museum management.

Director: Li Zhongxiang
Tel.: 0574-87189135、87189136
Fax: 0574-87189170

7 Administration Section of Cultural Market
It draws up the development plans and policies for the municipal cultural market. It deals with the administrative license of cultural business activities based on the laws. It is responsible for the examination and the application of the establishment of the units concerning the wholesale business of publication, etc. It instructs and coordinates the work of cultural market management in the counties, sub-cities, and districts. It acts as the general office for the city social cultural administration committee.

Director: Li Zhongxiang
Tel.: 0574-87189141、87189142
Fax: 0574-87275020

8 Culture and Art Section
It draws up and carries out the development plans and policies for the city professional culture and art work, mass culture work, children’s cultural work and libraries. It administers the local professional cultural and art cause, coordinates the structure and setup of the local culture and art development undertakings. It instructs the administration reform of the professional art troupes, radio & TV art units, public culture centers, professional theaters, and libraries. It offers an overall instruction for the major local art events, and promotes the protection, utilization and development of traditional folk culture of Ningbo.

Directors: Chen Yanqun, Kuang Jingchen
Tel.: 0574-87189156、87189157
Fax: 0574-87341535

9 Cultural Relic & Museum Section
It draws up and carries out the development plans and policies concerning the city cultural relics and museums. It organizes and instructs the excavation, the appraisal, the protection and the rescue of the cultural relics. It is in charge of the recommendation and application of the culture protection units at all levels. It is in charge of the examination and reporting of the repair projects, repair budgets and the repair work check of the cultural protection units. It instructs the construction of cultural units and museums and their coordination and exchange. It is in charge of the important exhibition projects and the loan, exchange and allocation of the protected objects. It is in charge of museum risk-grading, countermeasures for the protection of relics and the management of the projects. It is responsible for the scrutiny and management of the filming of the cultural relics. It helps the public security organs and the customs with the struggle against illegal excavation and smuggling of cultural relics. It undertakes the function of the office of municipal protection committee of cultural relics, being responsible for the work of world cultural relics Application.

Director: Xu Jiancheng
Tel.: 0574-87189143、87189145
Fax: 0574-87349941

10 Radio, TV & Film Section
It carries out the propaganda guidelines and policies of the country and the CPC; organizes and instructs the propaganda work of radio & TV in the whole municipality. It is responsible for the daily supervision of the radio and TV programs; supervising and checking the units that have audio & video programs through information networks; examining the content of the imported radio and TV programs; supervising the radio & TV ads; approving and examining the live shows with audience participation. It takes charge of the affairs like the establishment and termination of radio & TV stations at municipal and county levels, as well as the alternation of name, symbol, program setting, channels, and cross-regional operation. It is responsible for the establishment approval of cable radio and television in towns, villages, government organs, local troops and enterprises; the establishment of the units that produce radio and TV programs; the examination and approval of reception and transmission of cable radio and television programs; the examination and approval of permissions for TV play production, radio and TV on-demand service, internet audio and video programs. It is responsible for the planning and managing of film distribution and exhibition in the whole municipality; keeping records for the establishment approval, alternation and termination of movie projection units; managing the new revaluation services, like the digital TV, etc; instructing the work of academic communities of radio, television and film,

Director: Pei Hongjun
Vice-Director: Pei Hongjun
Tel.: 0574-87189148、87189151
Fax: 0574-87189169

11 Press & Publication Section
It draws up and organizes the implementation of the development plans of the city news press. It administers all kinds of publications; examines the establishment of news and book publication organs. It is responsible for the examination reading of all kinds of publications, and for the investigation and correction of illegal publication. It supervises the business operation of the city newspaper and book printing enterprises. It instructs and coordinates the administration of the journalistic stations from outside news agencies. It undertakes the foreign exchange and cooperation of the city publication units together with other related departments. It settles the contract disputes over copyright issues legally. It investigates and corrects any illegal copyright cases within the administered area. It checks, reports and instructs the management of copyright and its agencies.

Directors: Li Yiren, Xu Guangde
Tel.: 0574-87189152
Fax: 0574-87287154

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