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Administrative Function

Ningbo Bureau of Culture Radio & TV, Press and Publication is an administrative organization in charge of culture and art, radio & TV, culture relics, museums, press, publication and copy right. The main tasks of the bureau are as follows:
1. It carries out the laws, policies and regulations of the Party and the country in terms of art, radio and television broadcasting, cultural relics, museums, press, publication and copyrights. It is entrusted by the local government to study and draw up local regulations in these aspects mentioned above, and is responsible for the implementation of the regulations after examination. It also draws up development plans for the local culture undertakings.

2. It instructs and manages the art creation and research work; instructs and coordinate important cultural events of the city; supports the creation of excellent art works in different categories; supervises the utilization of the fund for art creation from government finance, the purchase of public cultural products and services and the fund for traditional Chinese opera; instructs and manages the construction of municipal level professional troupes.

3. It administers local mass art centers and cultural center (or stations). It instructs social cultural activities and children's culture work. 

4. It administers local library cause. It promotes library construction and full cooperation among libraries of all levels in terms of resource sharing and harmonious development. 

5. It manages the radio and television broadcasting cause of the city. It administers radio and television broadcasting units, supervises and coordinates the transmission and coverage of radio and TV programs.

6. It deals with the propaganda work of art, radio, television, news papers and magazines; organizes examination and checkup of books, news papers and periodicals, electronic publications, etc.

7. It administers local cause of cultural relics and museums. It is responsible for the application of the key cultural relics units of all levels. It instructs and coordinates the management, repair work, the digging up, the research work, the examination, and exportation and the propaganda of our local cultural relics. It draws up and reports the relics repair budget, the application, the examination and the management of the budget. 

8. It is in charge of the examination and application of the news press, publication, printing and copyright management and agencies. It administers the local copyright management (including that of the computer software).

9. It studies, draws up and carries out the development plan of the cultural market. It is in charge of the work of supervision, administration and law enforcement of the cultural market.

10. It studies and draws up the development strategies of the local cultural industry; instructs and coordinates the development of art, radio and TV, cultural relics, museums, press and publication industries.

11. It manages the science and technology work of culture in the whole city; instructs and promotes the application of scientific research results in cultural circle.

12. It is responsible for promoting the personnel development in the units of culture, radio and television broadcasting, press and publication, so as to push forward the personnel reform in the cultural circle. It takes charge of the appraisal work of professional titles, professional education and trainings.

13. It manages foreign culture affairs as well as the cultural exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

14. It draws up development plans of the local cultural cause. It instructs and arranges the construction expenses allocated (or collected) by the government and the local institutions. It instructs the basic construction and management of its units under its direct jurisdiction.

15. It administers the institutions under its direct jurisdiction and instructs the activities of the cultural societies and associations. 

16. It undertakes other task or projects from the government.

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