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The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou

The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou, awarded the national key relic protection object by the state council in June 2001, is a one-storied wood-like stone structure and made of a local stone material called Meiyuan stones. This magnificent archway was delicately carved and is regarded as the earliest stone archway among the still existing ancient archways in chain. The archway was set up in Jiajing period (the reign title of an emperor in Ming Dynasty) 1522-1566 B.C., with a height of 6.4m and a width of 3.4m. This archway with single eave adopts an ancient archway style called Xieshan style, whose features is two kinds of roof beams known as Laojiao and Zaojiao style.

Asoka Temple

Asoka Temple is located 20 km to the east of Ningbo, it is named after king of India—Asoka. As the only temple named after an India king left in china, it is world famous not only for its reputation as one of the Five Great China Buddhism Temples, but also for Buddhist relics it collected.

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